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 BLOOD is only RED Sweat
This is a must read for all fans of Combat Sport. So before you buy it read what author Nick Towle had to say about the two years it has taken to write the book
Lived by Dave 'The Beast' Radford written by Nick Towle
Combat Sport

Stepping Stone Studios

A friday night saw me heading towards Maidstone to see 'All The Above' and while I was there it seemed a shame not too see who else was playing. A bit unsure how to do this I just resorted to the ways I have adopted for the last two years and pointed the glass end at the band. See how things went at the Stepping Stone Studios

Miss Carnage

Miss Carnage whos real name is Catherine by all accounts it's only taken me two years too find that out. Has made a great start with us here on Cage Amateurs UK and is making a great impact over in Wales with her reviews of the top shows that are there hidden away in the valleys. From our point of view we have only really neglected Wales due to the distance from where we are but it has to be said we have been missing out on some excellent shows and I personally can't wait to get up there myself to join her for an evening.
I will finish off by saying your doing some great stuff kc and a big thank you too all the promoters and people who have allowed Catherine and us into your shows we concider ourselves honoured to be covering an area we neglected in the past.
To read up on KC's stuff she has done so far an interview with us an interview with Rachel Bowes owner of Bocsio Magazine she has done fight reviews on Painpit's show and also Merthyr Mayhem VIII and not stopping there she caught up with UFC Fighter Bradley Scott. All of which have had good views helping to push us too Alexa rank of 842 321 in the world and 28 071 in the UK

Merthyr Mayhem VIII

Miss Kendall reports on the Mayhem in Merthyr

PainPit Rampage

KC Kendall was in the Painpit to report on the action. She went on the Rampage and caused some Carnage and came up with this nice report Click here to read more

White Collar Fight Club

The time is coming for White Collar Fight Club 3. Tickets and poster are in place so get yours online from your fighter or from myself , Lou Lou or Dan Towers
White Collar Figt Club 3 

Catherine Kendall

An interview with our very own Miss 'Carnage'. Prepared to be inspired, shocked and probably horrified.

Throw Down Fight Night 2

An up and coming show for you too keep your eyes out for. Unlike the usual shows this one is a first for us as it is based in Wales. Now I am not going to try and fool you into thinking we actually went up there although I will certainly be scratching for an invite
in the near future. Thanks to the guys for letting us use thier write up so go see what is happen across the boarder at

Rachel Bowes

A double first for us the first lady fighter we had contact with over here in Cage Amateurs UK land interviews The first lady magazine owner we have interviewed. Our very own KC Kendall creates no 'Carnage' in this great interview with magazine owner Rachel Bowes

The Academy of Hard Knocks

Now our old mate over at the Academy, when I say old I mean we have known him for a while rather than he's got miles on the clock, is in need of generous people like yourselfs to dig deep and help out by sending a donation to help him and the incredibly hard working guys to continue doing their work. Times are tough we know but it would really help out with the work they are doing with youngsters on a slope so slippery they are pretty much on the road to hell. Sam and the team will give em hell but while they are doing that they will place them and help them onto the road to where Sam and the team are proud of them , we here at Cage Amateurs UK are shit proud of them, their families are proud but most of all the can be proud of themselves. Check out Sam here check out The Academy of Hard Knocks here but please please click this and drop em a few quid. Thx Jon P.

Charlie Bronson 

We'd like to re-share this link as it is something that is close to Charlie's heart, and affects every single prisoner across the UK. This is the official petition to fight the book ban imposed in all prisons. If people would like to sign the petition, the link is here:

Sign Petition Here

Also, if anyone feels strong enough about this please contacts your MPjail

and there are some useful suggestions for what to write here on the Howard League for Penal Reform's website:

Access to books can be crucial for education and rehabilitation. Access to family items are...CHANGE.ORG