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Tim Hague

From the pen of Mr Andy Juby  of BBAD Bulletin fame comes a nice interview with Canadian Mixed Martial Artist Tim 'The Thrashing Machine' Hague. Don′t forget to visit Andy over on his website The BBAD Bulletin and keep up with all the latest from Bbad

Popular Peter Dodds

Stu Armstrong interviews fighter 'Popular' Peter Dodds who has recently competed in the Last Man Standing Competition where he fought his opponent for 23 two minute rounds before the referee called the fight to an end and announced it a draw. Listen to what he has to say in the latest of the Stu Armstrong Interviews

Cliff Sainsbury

Stu Armstrong talks too Cliff Sainsbury the man behind peep magazine on his audio interview for Radio Northumberland.

Clifford Grey

See what the Bbad Bulletin's Andy Juby had to say when he caught up with bare knuckle boxer Clifford 'Romany Rye' Grey

Raging Bull

Saturday 18th April 2015 saw me heading towards the Raging Bull show in Leicester. This is the first time I had been to Jay Wann's mix of gloved and un gloved bout and to be honest I have been looking forward to it for a long time. Came away with some photo, video and couldn't help myself and even had to scribe a bit. Raging Bull Battleground 2

Jak Johnson

Stu Armstrong speaks to young boxer in the audio interview first heard on Radio Northumberland. Hear the Jak Johnson Interview

Corey Williams

An in depth interview with American fighter Corey Williams by BBad Bulletin writer Andy Juby

Scott Midgley

Finally finished the Scott Midgley audio interview first played on Stuart Armstrong's radio show. Catch Stuart every Wednesday between 9pm and 10pm on Radio Northumberland

Seth Jones Interview From Behind Locked Doors

Interview with Bare Knuckle Boxer Seth Jones from behind the walls of HMP Stoke Heath. Read what Seth has to say about BKB, PPV and Prison Food

Stu Armstrong Interviews

Stuart Armstrong on Radio Northumberland every Wednesday at 9 pm for the best interviews in combat sport that always pack a punch and now catch up with Stu in Peep Magazine. Peep Magazine describes it's self as 'A Photo Journalistic publication focusing on North East Boxing / BKB / K-1 / Social Documentary and Interviews'. Now it is at this point I should be saying something in the line of 'So what I live in the south east and you only do the North East. Don't you like us?'
But I won't because my mate Stu writes for them, they are sure not too realise I am only joking as they have never heard of me let alone met me. There is more likely more of them than me. Finally they might take offence and give me a kicking when they come across me. Oh and did I mention it's rather good! Jon P

Seth Jones

Our mate bare knuckle boxer Seth Jones has found himself staying at one of the state run hotels for naughty boys.Wrote to him to hopefully cheer him up a bit and was lucky enough to get a nice reply from him saying how much he was looking forward to the entertainment and fine dining that the prison was laying on over the festive period. If you fancy dropping him a letter I am pretty much sure he would appreciate it and it would cheer him up no end to know he hasn't been forgotten.
If you wish to write too Seth you can find him at Seth Jones, A3090CM, HMP Stoke Heath, Market Drayton, Shropshire, TF9 2JI