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Despite the demise of Cage Amateurs UK I have a few more commitments to the world of combat sport left to do and one such commitment takes me too Leicester to a boxing promotion that I have not attended before. Promoter Don Cunnington and his show Brave Soul Boxing will be holding their show on Saturday 23rd. Ironically it is their 13th show and it goes without saying it will be unlucky for some. Detail on how to get tickets are available on the Show Dates page.

Combat Sport No More

Rip Cage Am UK

It has been a great four years here on Cage Am but having been on my own the last couple of years things have become a lot harder and standards have dropped and content has fallen greatly. Thanks to those who have been part of Cage Amateurs UK, thanks to those we have interviewed and shows we have attended. BIG thanks to the Infamous Informer for his great blog...more to follow but frankly I need a beer. Beer consumed  feel better now. Part of Cage Amateurs UK success is now part of it's downfall. Wanting to be a Combat Sport website means covering every combat sport as far as possible and not just the one. This is tricky on your own as you can only be one place at a time and with doing the website, video's and written interviews it becomes harder and harder. For every three you send out you may get one back. But...it must be said it has been a world of fun and I feel a little sad about things as I now have to decide how to close things down but keeping in mind I am not just going to be able to stop all together. I need to think this out. More Beer Needed.

Uppercut Promotions

Due to injuries the Uppercut Promotions show has had to be re scheduled and will now be on Sunday 17th July 2016. As a taster of the action I have posted the video's of the last show. Catch all the boxing action from this enjoyable show by following this link to the fights.

Jake Heasman

Jake Heasman was on form again for his fifth win out of five this time in a UKBC Title Eliminator Bout against the very capable Spencer Oakman from Dover. Jake from Hailsham will now go through for a title fight in the near future at one of the United Kingdom Boxing Union's show and his camp are quietly confident he can maintain his current streak. Thanks to Pete Stoten for having me along for the afternoon it was one of great boxing and a very classy venue which held a full crowd of fight fans who like myself were treated to some excellent bouts. To see Jake in action in the ring follow the link to this boxing fight and other bouts of Combat Sport.

Combat Sport News 

It's been quiet here recently for one reason or another but things have taken a bit of a turn and it looks like it is going to get a bit on the busy side. First thing 'Have a Good One' to all the guys and fans up at the UBBAD show today. Tomorrow, which is Sunday, I am off to Folkstone to film Jake Heasman who is fighting at the Lees Cliff Halls ( Show Dates ) on Pete Stoten's show. Andy Juby is keeping his eye on the lad and it is looking like he has a lot of potential having not been beaten as yet. Hopefully get an interview with him as I want to try and keep track of his progress especially with him going into the K1 world shortly. Moving on. Next Saturday finds me at Uppercut Promotions show in Sittingbourne (  Show Dates ) and a test of the new equipment only time will tell how that is likely to go. jumping on to July I am going to be doing a new show, when I say new I mean new to me as the promoter is now on his 13th show so he is well established. Looking forward to that especially as it is up in Leicester where strangely most of the shows I do tend to be. Later in July hopefully I will be at Tyronne Monaghan's show over in Didcot then in August an new show in Gravesend and then back to Leicester for Raging Bull 5 ( Show Dates ).

Combat Sport In June

Off to film a young guy called Jake Heasman on Sunday at Pete Stoten's show in Folkstone. Should be a good show at a great venue all goes well and Jake will bring home another win under the watchfull eye of Andrew Juby. UBBAD are at Nottingham this Saturday. I am not going myself but good luck to all the boys fighting on the show. 25th of June I will be down at Sittingbourne for the Uppercut Promotions show and will be testing out some new equipment. This will turn out to be interesting and not a drama as things usually turn out when I try something new. Keep up to date with some of our favourite Boxing, Bare Knuckle Boxing, MMA and Martial Arts events by visiting our  Show Dates page.


Most impressed I must say had to leave before the end due to my advanced years catching up with me. Will put pen to paper about it as i think it warrants it. Not one bad thing to say about it from UBBAD's side of things and would have happily paid just for the Billy Hawthorn fight the centre could doing with getting there shit together the duty price went up twice while I was in the queue for a beer and to be fair I have seen longer queues in my local. THIS WAS NOT the shows fault in anyway the show it's self was 100 percent anyone thinking otherwise was at the wrong show. A night of bare knuckle boxing through my eyes.

WWE Wrestling

I was a little worried about how things were going to go with all the trouble I have been suffering from with the wordpress blog but it looks like things may have returned to normal. Check the wise words in his own unique stye, the man who knows his WWE like no other. Ladies and Gentlemen I give you 'The Infamous Informer' and Smack Talk Centre RAW

King Promotions

Sunday saw me heading to the home of the mighty Gillingham Football Club, Priestfield Stadium, Gillingham Kent, never heard of em? Stay with me here and humour me, for a boxing show by King Promotions with me old mate Andy Juby who is managing a young man namely Jake Heaseman who just so happened to be fighting on the show. Was a long day but a good day with Jake taking the bout.

Interviews and Show Reports

You may or may not know but I plod along doing this all by myself. If you are ever at a Combat Sport show and fancy doing a few lines and would like it featured here email me I would love to put it up. Must stress at this point I can not pay you but I will certainly be gratefully for many years to come. [email protected] is where to get hold of me.

Bill The Winner

Old Time Bare Knuckle Boxer

Read how I came to be involved with making a short promo video about an old school bare knuckle boxer born in the eighteen hundreds named Bill The Winner.

Charlie and Leon
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