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Firewalk For Lives Not Knives

Stuart Armstrong has been busy so here's one for your 2015 diary.Stu has arranged a firewalk and party to raise funds for Live Not Knives in Newcastle in the month of April. Now should you fancy this, and I am sure you do, take a look over in the we support section for more info about Firewalk. Once you have taken a look at that Kris Megaw has been busy again this time he has spoken to the founder of Lives Not Knives Steve Cairney. He's also a bare knuckle fighter, Steve that is not Kris. Anyway check out Kris's interview with Steve Cairney.

Rik Ellis Rip

My thoughts go out too the family and friends of Rik Ellis during these sad days. Although I didn't meet him my friends are hurting and the academy will feel the vacant space he has left. Respectfully. Jon P

We Support

W.W.E. Wrestling

Our T.N.A. blogger Dan Wilkinson is currently have a couple of weeks off due to there being no T.N.A. wrestling being recorded as they are in the process of changing TV production companies. Our W.W.E. man is still going strong go take a look on theCage Amateurs UK Wrestling Blog.

Choose Lives Not Knives

Read about the charity that Steve Cairney started after a personal tragedy that shouldnot happen to a parent. As an on going campaign Team Choose LivesNot Knives We Support tab of this site along with The Academy of Hard Knocks and The Charlie Bronson Appeal Fund.

Kris Megaw and Steve Jardine

B-BAD New Era Writers and Publicity

If you don't know already and I bet you don't, Kris has been scribbling interviews with B-BAD fighters on facebook. Damn good they are too. I was even surprised that he took the usual rate we pay of zero and didn't try and to squeeze me to twice the usual rate. I will be putting up his first two interviews as soon as possible with more too follow as they are written. Recently things have changed in B-BAD the main one being a change of owner with Joe taking over from Andy. So keep your eyes on here for updates and interviews by Kris on what are exciting times in the world of bare knuckle boxing. Last but not least welcome to Cage Amateurs UKKris Megaw and fellow writer Steve Jardine who has just joined him. Go Take a Look at what is going on with theNew Era of B-BAD