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Most impressed I must say had to leave before the end due to my advanced years catching up with me. Will put pen to paper about it as i think it warrants it. Not one bad thing to say about it from UBBAD's side of things and would have happily paid just for the Billy Hawthorn fight the centre could doing with getting there shit together the duty price went up twice while I was in the queue for a beer and to be fair I have seen longer queues in my local. THIS WAS NOT the shows fault in anyway the show it's self was 100 percent anyone thinking otherwise was at the wrong show. A night of bare knuckle boxing through my eyes.

WWE Wrestling

I was a little worried about how things were going to go with all the trouble I have been suffering from with the wordpress blog but it looks like things may have returned to normal. Check the wise words in his own unique stye, the man who knows his WWE like no other. Ladies and Gentlemen I give you 'The Infamous Informer' and Smack Talk Centre RAW

Uppercut Promotions

Had a good Saturday at Uppercut Promotions in Sittingbourne the other week. Footage is all done but I am afraid it is out on dvd. It will make it's way too youtube but as of when I have no idea. Thanks for having us over for the show I look forward to the next one.

King Promotions

Sunday saw me heading to the home of the mighty Gillingham Football Club, Priestfield Stadium, Gillingham Kent, never heard of em? Stay with me here and humour me, for a boxing show by King Promotions with me old mate Andy Juby who is managing a young man namely Jake Heaseman who just so happened to be fighting on the show. Was a long day but a good day with Jake taking the bout.

Interviews and Show Reports

You may or may not know but I plod along doing this all by myself. If you are ever at a Combat Sport show and fancy doing a few lines and would like it featured here email me I would love to put it up. Must stress at this point I can not pay you but I will certainly be gratefully for many years to come. [email protected] is where to get hold of me.

Bill The Winner

Read how I came to be involved with making a short promo video about an old school bare knuckle boxer born in the eighteen hundreds named Bill The Winner.

Four Years Of Combat Sport

Soon we will be rolling into March and come the middle of that month four years ago Cage Amateurs UK was born., Things have changed a lot it must be said since those days way back when. Some for the better and some not. For me personally it has come to the time to make some serious choice the main one being if I am going to carry on with Cage Amateurs UK or not. It gets really hard on your own and after four years I would be lying if I said I was as full as enthusiasm as I was. The bullshit has started to die down which makes it a far better place to be and shows are trying to get started here or there. Joe and his team are doing good things and it could be getting well near to the time I will have to put my hand in my pocket and buy Joe a good few drinks as I said I would when bkb is considered mainstream. I did not actually say considered mainstream by who but I was going to go along with when I thought so. Let me just say that I am near breaking my penny jar and cashing it up as there is spending to be done in the very near future.
Charlie and Leon
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