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Charlie Auction 

After a recent incident in Medway where a young disabled guy was dragged down an alley, beaten around and then had his wallet and phone nicked while waiting at a bus stop having just finished doing some voluntary work at a local hospital. Charlie has donated one of his pieces of art to be sold to help raise funds to help this young man replace his missing items. It is currently up for auction on Ebay. Hopefully it will raise a few quid and it would be even better if someone knows the person or persons and gave them a dig.

Raging Bull Cruiserweight Title Fight

Ricky 'Nel' Nelder goes head to head with Stevie 'Beastmode' Gold for the Raging Bull Title watch it now

Raging Bull Scotland

Yet again we get a situation with a local council official causing a problem no doubt after a bit of publicity for their own ends. Maybe the Raging Bull Scotland Team like the Wales Team were not quick enough to grease the palm of those that need greasing. How ever you look at it the show will not go ahead. 

The Weekend

Well what a weekend that was. UBBAD were up in Nottingham having what looked like a cracking show while Raging Bull were in Leicester which I was attending. What a great night I had. The fight I was waiting to see like most other people there was the thriller between Stevie Gold and Ricky Nelder for the Cruiserweight Belt. It did not disappoint. Working away to get that up on site soon.

Raging Bull

Looking forward to Saturday at Raging Bull Leicester and the rematch between Stevie Gold and Ricky Nelders. The last time they met it was one hell of a fight and there is no reason to expect this will be any different. Stevie is one fight up so Ricky will be planning to even the score. It is going to be one hell of a night of both gloved and ungloved fights so if you are in the Leicester area Saturday evening treat yourself to a night out with Raging Bull. For ticket info take a look at our show dates page.
After Stevie and Ricky fought the last time I had a chat with them about the rematch. Stevie's interview can be found by clicking the link as can Ricky's. The Interviews were about the earlier rematch date which had to be changed when Stevie picked up a injury forcing him to pull out. But they were good interviews so to get you in the mood treat yourself and take a look.
UBBAD are also having there show on Saturday a bit further up the road in Nottingham so it is going to be a busy day in the bare knuckle boxing world.

In Charlie's Corner

In Charlies Corner are going to be getting behind The Academy of Hard Knocks in 2016. After reading an open letter Charlie wroteto young people committing crime I wrote to him telling him about Sam Rowe and the Academy of Hard Knocks. The next thing I see is Rod who runs the corner has posted that Charlie and the corner are going to be supporting The Academy in 2016. I spoke to Sam Rowe about the Academy which can be read by clicking here.

Ricky 'Nel' Nelder

The last time Ricky Nelder and Stevie Gold met it resulted in one of the best bare knuckle bouts I have seen. November the 7th see's the rematch on the Raging Bull Battle Ground 3 show in Leicester and I shit you not it will be a blinder. Grab tickets before it is too late by visiting our Show Dates page where you can also see what other excellent shows the guys at Raging Bull are holding. While you are waiting for them too arrive cop a read of what Ricky 'Nel' Nelder had to say about the last bout and how things are going to be different in this one.

Stevie Gold

The last time Stevie met with fighter Nel Nelder, Stevie came out victorious. September see's them back at Raging Bull, Battle Ground 3 in Leicester for a rematch.I caught up with both of these bare knuckle boxers to see how each felt about doing it all again. This is what was said by Stevie 'Beastmode' Gold.

It must be said it is a fair way off yet but JJ Fight Promotions are holding their first, of hopefully many, boxing shows. The show is to be held in November in Brighton and they are currently looking for a few more fighters. Tickets are available, so should you require some or just want more information take a look on our Show Dates page and that should lead you to what you need.

Seth Jones Interview From Behind Locked Doors

Interview with Bare Knuckle Boxer Seth Jones from behind the walls of HMP Stoke Heath. Read what Seth has to say about BKB, PPV and Prison Food
Our mate bare knuckle boxer Seth Jones has found himself staying at one of the state run hotels for naughty boys.Wrote to him to hopefully cheer him up a bit and was lucky enough to get a nice reply from him saying how much he was looking forward to the entertainment and fine dining that the prison was laying on over the festive period. If you fancy dropping him a letter I am pretty much sure he would appreciate it and it would cheer him up no end to know he hasn't been forgotten.
If you wish to write too Seth you can find him at Seth Jones, A3090CM, HMP Stoke Heath, Market Drayton, Shropshire, TF9 2JI